Modern loyalty programs bridge the divide
between the online and the offline world

Online shops are gaining market share at the expense of bricks-and-mortar retailers. Online retailers continuously and automatically generate new customer data, which they can use to motivate their customers for cross-selling and up-selling and for repeat purchases. In face-to-face retail, by contrast, sales are mostly anonymous, so it is much harder to influence customers' purchasing behavior than in the online world.

First of all, a modern loyalty program enables retailers to get to know their customers better and to find out when they shop, what they buy and what else they would like to buy. Based on these data it is possible to communicate and interact with customers in an individual and focused way. Not only via classical communications channels, but also via mobile apps and social networks.

Other components of such a program are:

  • motivating bonus and status mechanisms (e.g. reaching the redemption threshold quickly)
  • marketing activities optimized for target groups and relevant offers

  • location-based services and purchase incentives

With an innovative customer loyalty program it is possible to influence customers' behavior with focused reward mechanisms and added value, which leads to an increased share-of-wallet. The bottom line is that consciously increasing loyalty helps the retail company to achieve their commercial targets.


Fit FOR THE FUTURE with innovative and high-performance loyalty software:  

  • that is flexible, rules-based and easy to use.
  • that processes all data in real-time.
  • that intelligently connects and analyzes customer data, transactions, interactions and location-based data, so that you can take the right steps.
  • that is low-cost in operations and maintenance.
  • a software that enables the marketing department to set up and launch campaigns quickly and straightforwardly – without complicated programming by the IT function.

Welcome to the world of the
"Loyalty Management Suite".

A loyalty programme is more than just managing data.
We do that brilliantly, but we also do a great deal more.+