It has never been easier to administer and operate a customer loyalty program or to plan and set up loyalty campaigns. With its flexible rules engine and strong marketing features, LMS puts your team ahead of the field.

How your department benefits from LMS::

Flexibility and time-to-market are more important than ever for program managers. Because when a change is required or a new marketing campaign is planned,you don't want to have to call an external service provider or your own IT department to make the changes or implement the new configuration.

With LMS that is all in the past, because its flexible rules engine means you can configure and adjust your system by yourself. LMS offers a wide range of different campaigns for your marketing team, no matter whether the underlining incentive mechanism is simple or highly complex. There are no limits to your imagination when planning your next campaign.


We think that one definition of a good system is that it doesn't need external experts to operate it. Whether you want to create complex loyalty campaigns or just to alter the program rules for collecting and redeeming points: with LMS you can now do it all yourself thanks to the wide range of options for program rules and an easily understandable graphic user interface.


The Loyalty Management Suite executes all the necessary processes in real-time.

Changes in total points are shown directly on the customer account, as are status level updates. This enables customers to use the loyalty currency they have collected to make new purchases right away. The extensive campaign functionalities in LMS can be triggered in real-time by interactions or events. And this applies to complex and multi-stage campaigns also. In addition, LMS::outmatch helps you to address your customers with relevant offers and news – at the right time, via the right channel. Direct, relevant and to the point.

LMS::outmatch helps you to address your customers with relevant offers and news – at the right time, via the right channel. Direct, relevant and to the point.


The Loyalty Management Suite helps you build a well-structured program from the outset, integrate suitable partners and address your existing and potential customers successfully. LMS gives you every technological and functional opportunity to turn your program into a profit center.


What do Europe's biggest bonus program PAYBACK, the loyalty program from German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and the Miles & More program operated by Deutsche Lufthansa have in common? They all set standards and they all rely on software from Loyalty Partner Solutions.

Our many years of experience in designing and operating leading global customer bonus programs is incorporated into the ongoing development of our Loyalty Management Suite, which means you can benefit from it too.


With classic bonus programs customers often give up because the thresholds for redeeming points are set too high or they don't want another card in their wallet that is not widely accepted.

We have recognized this and made our LMS platform fit for the future. LMS can be easily integrated with other systems or social networks and consolidates all the information about a customer's interactions. So customers can be rewarded for every interaction with the company: be it a positive online review, a detailed product test or a recommendation to friends.

with LMS::connect, interactions are the new transactions!


We think that good software should be easy to integrate well with your company and your corporate architecture by means of standardized interfaces.

Not only can the Loyalty Management Suite be easily connected to peripheral systems; its flexible rules engine means it integrates seamlessly with your business processes and workflows. So it makes it as easy as possible for your company to get started in the loyalty business or to switch to a modern software platform.