All our solutions and services are developed at our offices in Munich. Our experts and developers are all under one roof and so can communicate quickly and directly with one another. That helps us ensure that we provide a consistent and future-proof solution with every release. One key focus of our ongoing development work is the simple integration, operation and maintenance of our Loyalty Management Suite.

How your IT department benefits from LMS:

A loyalty management system rarely works on a stand-alone basis, but has to be embedded in a complex IT environment. LMS offers standardized interfaces and processes for doing so, making integration simple and transparent.

The sensitive data collected and processed by the finished system are reliably protected by means of state-of-the-art security processes and a rights-based access system.

We offer proven interfaces and processes for operating, monitoring and maintaining LMS.


With the Loyalty Management Suite you benefit from a modern, three-stage, Java-based architecture with clearly defined integration interfaces and a unique customizing concept that combines the best of rules-based systems and pre-assembled configuration components. In addition to standardized interfaces, for integrating partners or connecting to master data management systems for example, LMS offers extensive reporting and monitoring capabilities.


LMS can be scaled easily in several dimensions and is made for processing large data volumes in real-time.

Depending on the growth of your program and the volumes of data its performance can be scaled simply by adding more virtual servers, because the application is already prepared accordingly.

In addition, you can flexibly expand the functionality of LMS. LMS already comes with all the processes needed for a future-proof loyalty system and can initially be integrated right away with a few adjustments.


Very specific adjustments can be made to the suite if required, thanks to a highly flexible customizing concept. Entire workflows or individual steps can be overwritten individually. This makes it possible to significantly expand the standard functionality and adapt it to the needs of your business model as necessary.

Standardized Processes

We continuously develop our platform. The workflows have been tested and optimized thousands of times. That's how we provide you with proven, transaction-safe, optimized loyalty processes. Points or miles don't get lost with us.


The security of your company and customer data is our top priority. So in terms of security we leave nothing to chance.

  • Standardized security processes in line with the latest regulations protect your data and corporate information.
  • A role-based and rights-based access system ensures that your employees and partners can only see or process the data assigned to them.
  • Transactions can be tracked seamlessly at all times.


When switching to a new software platform the migration of existing data is an important aspect. We offer you a unique depth of experience in migrating not only static clients – but above all dynamic transaction data. So everything is in its place when the move to the new system is complete. Guaranteed.