Loyalty Management Suite - modular components for full flexibility

Imagine you could remember every single one of your customers. What they bought or booked when. How they contacted you. What their regular transactions and preferred products are. What would it be like if you could?

Even if you have millions of customers? And if you could use all this data to optimize communications with your customers and to offer every single one them a unique customer experience? So unique that they develop a feeling of loyalty to your company and enjoy booking or buying from you?

That is exactly the vision that led us to develop the Loyalty Management Suite.

Our experience of operating numerous bonus programs for our clients in the retail, airline and transport industries is permanently fed into our platform. Modular, configurable and easily integrated with your existing IT environment, our high-performance, dependable solution meets all the requirements of a modern customer loyalty management system.

It gives you flexible options for setting up and optimizing program management, accrual and redemption rules, status level management, campaign management, partner management and much more – including stable, real-time processing of enormous data volumes, secure data protection and connections to marketing interfaces.


Lots of Challenges - One Solution. Your complete loyalty system


When we designed the Loyalty Management Suite we wanted to ensure that our clients get a complete, future-proof loyalty system even with the basic module. That's why LMS::loyalty comes with all the functions you need to build and operate your own successful program.

  • One basic package with all decisive functions
  • Simple to integrate in your IT environment
  • Individual with modular extensions


LMS is designed for you to be able to configure your program going forward without external support. So you can make changes to the program rules, for instance, without having to wait for your IT department or to outsource the work to an external provider.

  • Business Logic Framework for configuring the program logic
  • Management of functional system access and data protection access via roles and rights
  • Operational and data interfaces, as well as security services


Operators of customer loyalty programs must be able to respond quickly to changes in accrual and redemption rules without the need for software development. LMS gives you all the tools you need to do so.

  • Simple creation and administration of accrual and redemption rules
  • Autonomous introduction of new currencies and changes to existing currencies
  • Subprograms to manage special target groups with individual program rules and benefits


Marketing managers must be able to set up and execute a large number of different campaigns. The software has to be easy to use and make it possible to set up campaigns quickly.

  • Quick and easy set-up of all and any loyalty campaigns imaginable
  • Building blocks for simple ad hoc campaigns through complex multi-step campaigns
  • Campaigns with registration enable a better analysis of ROI


As a program operator you have to delight your customers in order to win their long-term loyalty to your company. To do so it is essential to know your customers well and address them individually.

  • Customer information can be collected and kept up-to-date and consistent at all times. That means you can use relevant, current data across all channels.
  • Rules-based data visibility ensures that partners can only see and use selected data.


Individual expansion modules

Our Loyalty Management Suite is modular so that you have the greatest flexibility. With the basic module you get everything you need to build a complete customer loyalty system. We have also outsourced other functions to add-on modules, so that you can decide individually which extra functions your program needs – now or later.


Lots of Challenges - one solution

Customer loyalty programs change incredibly fast and technological developments define the rules of the game. It's no longer just about transactions, but about interactions also. Customer loyalty programs are adopting the principles of viral marketing and rewarding much more than just purchases. Digital channels offer endless opportunities for doing so. This generates vast volumes of data, which have to connected and used intelligently to turn them into a competitive advantage.

For this kind of work the best thing is to get an experienced partner and proven software on board. Our Loyalty Management Suite comes with all the features you need to set up and operate a successful and future-proof customer loyalty program. You can concentrate on your customers, while our intelligent solution provides the technical background and runs all the necessary interfaces. Find out more about the highlights of our Loyalty Management Suite and what it can do for your business!


Transactions in real-time

Batch processing of transactions is now a thing of the past. With LMS every transaction can be credited to a customer's account directly – even for highly complex and multi-activity promotions. Loyalty currencies like miles or points can be redeemed and bonuses paid for directly at the POS.

Dynamic Subprograms

Some members are worth a subprogram! Subprograms offer:

  • individual communication and mailings
  • separate promotions
  • different expiry dates for accrued loyalty currency
  • separate collection and redemption rules
  • identification, e.g. with special membership cards

Refinded status level concept

Status and differentiation are becoming more important. Reward your customers' loyalty by giving them the appropriate status. LMS helps you with a highly developed, rules-based status level concept. LMS supports simple and very complex status level concepts, to show appreciation for the value, importance and individuality of your customers.

  • Fast, low-cost execution of promotions and program changes
  • LMS is 100% rules-based, which makes it very flexible.
  • You can configure program changes yourself, e.g. to currencies or new campaigns, without having to wait for others to do it for you.

Individual communication

With LMS you can address your customers individually. LMS offers extensive communications options that enable users to plan, set up, test, execute and re-use complex marketing campaigns across all channels. Address your customers in real-time via their preferred channel – triggered by transactions or other events.

Flexible identification

Flexible identification for flexible needs. Give your customers the freedom to decide how they want to identify themselves:

  • Customer card
  • Customer number
  • Mobile phone number
  • QR Code
  • Own choice of log-in (name, number, etc.)
  • Combinations (e.g. date of birth and name)


LMS is alliance-enabled. LMS supports various exchange formats for airline alliances. LMS also processes codesharing activities and partners' activities seamlessly.

Data protection & security

Your data are in good hands with LMS. LMS offers a data-driven security concept and standardized security processes. This enables access to certain data to be flexibly restricted and guarantees that all transaction paths can be retraced transparently.