All the information in one system for a 360° Customer View. Turn your insights into a 100% customer experience.

Our LMS solution gives you all the options and functions you need to collect and connect data from any number of sources. This includes customers' activities, interests and interactions, which you and your partners collect. The 360° view of your customers gives you extensive information about their purchasing patterns and preferences.

You can effectively use these insights to target your future program activities even more precisely. So your bonus program becomes an experience for your customers.

Do you want to share your insights or some of them with your program partners? With the wide range of administrative functions for roles and rights provided by LMS you can dynamically manage and control individual access to customer data.

Use all existing information to maximize your customer understanding. Share your insights safely with your partners.

Our LMS::connect solution lets you integrate data from a variety of sources quickly and simply into your loyalty program

Incorporating data from your customers' interactions in social networks or their use of mobile applications gives you a particularly wide range of additional information.

LMS::connect is ready for plugging into social networks and for integrating your point-of-sale system, mobile channels and terminals.

All your customers' transactions, like booking a rental car, redeeming points or interacting on a social network, are tracked and recorded in real-time by our solution.

Rapid availability and analysis of your data with LMS::insight supports your marketing team and your product department as they plan relevant campaigns.

LMS::outmatch is then responsible for the automatic playout of individual offers at the right moment.