Many airlines are making their product „Ready for the future“.

In a competitive marketplace where margins are slim, airlines began innovating to attract and retain customers back in the 1980s: the first frequent flyer programs were born. Despite these additional incentives, today's customers not only have to be satisfied, they have to be permanently delighted if they are to stay profitably loyal to a particular brand.

Many airlines are still struggling with aging or clunky systems that are expensive to maintain and operate and whose technological limitations preclude further significant developments.

Our software solution integrates with existing IT architectures and all legacy data is migrated seamlessly. Even the largest data volumes and unexpected peaks are handled in real-time. This lays the groundwork for innovation and growth.

To implement targeted marketing and sales campaigns you control communications with your customers on a live and individual basis, across all channels and always on the right device, so you add genuine value.

Tomorrow's multichannel marketing today:
  • Focused multichannel marketing with real relevance: individualized, location-based and in real time
  • Fast, straightforward campaign management
  • Secure processing of all transactions and interactions
  • Intelligent loyalty solutions with standardized interfaces to integrate non-airline partners
  • Flexible combinations of different loyalty currencies

Welcome to the world of the
"Loyalty Management Suite".
With the Loyalty Management Suite you reach your customers with exactly the right offer or service, at the right time and the right place. Across all channels, custom-built and absolutely flexible.